1. Bring back your love ВИА Месхи 3:46


Bring back your love – англоязычная версия песни “Вернуть любовь”

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Bring back your love

How can I bring back your love?
And every day and every night
I pray to bring back your love
Who can help me out
To spare my pain, shoo away the clouds
And bring back your love, your love?

Only by sight
We will unite
Playing roles we so perfectly fit for
But why can’t we play them no more?
Is happiness
Really in our hands?
Being loved, feeling love in this world so then
What have you traded it all for?

All we had is now gone
I’m on my own, I’m all alone
But still you’re the one, the one
But no one can help me out
To bring back those days, bring back those nights
Your love, but I can’t hold on